Paint the City – Firewall and Streetart Tour

Although most of us are very familiar with dull firewalls, it might be hard to picture them as a medium for artistic purposes. Firewall painting is a form of street art, whose aim – in contrast to graffiti – is always to transform old, ill-conditioned surfaces into something pleasant to look at.

In many capitals, big cities and metropolises, there is a tradition of outdoor wall painting, and pieces of street art are particularly popular among tourists, as they provide a perfect setting for photos.

berlinwall Berlin Wall 
johnlennon John Lennon Wall in Prague

bpfal0In Budapest, the very first firewall painting was created by the Neopaint Works team in 2010, on own initiative. Encouraged by the positive feedback, they launched further projects, too. They often cooperated with the local government to color up Budapest.

Most paintings depict hungaricums or historical events/motifs; however, there are some thematically different, creative and thought-provoking pieces, too.

bpfalSo what is this Firewall Tour?

It’s a surprisingly original program from the cultural palette of BPES, and the participation is free.  Those who join won’t regret it. The tour is going to be led led by Péter Szabó-Lencz, a Budapest blogger, who’s going to introduce a number of interesting street art works in this huge outdoor exhibition room, Budapest. The works are those of anonym or well-known artists, but instead of canvas or photo paper, the painting comes alive in front of our very eyes on firewalls of remarkable size. The ultimate aim is to bring street art closer to the man in the street.

If you want to look at Budapest from a slightly different perspective, go and be inspired!


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