Ötkert-The Place That Always Offers Something Good

Fascinating interior design, lovely staff and the whole cast of The Simpsons on the ladies room’s wall. That’s what you get upon visiting Ötkert. Not to mention their evergrowing scale of varied programmes.

Undeniably one of the most exciting spots of the city. We’ve been here for ‘going-crazy-absynthe-drinking’ Soerii & Poolek concerts, and fancy-vineglassed exhibition openings. Moreover, I believe, they wouldn’t have to be ashamed either, if I asked 10 randomly chosen hungarians where they would take their foreign friends for a night out.

Ötkert, for nearly four years now,  has been a home for artistic and cultural happenings, highest quality foreign and local musicians, and at last but not least, for the hungarian youth. ,,So what is Ötkert all about? It provides nothing more than desired: a place which is always welcoming, and always offers something good. “

Between May 29. and June 1. it offers Budapest Essentials. Classy now shows you who you can meet there if you attend the first summer festival in Budapest.

Yuksek+Alex Metric (The Alexanders)          


           May 30. Friday, 00:30

Alex Metric is a British dj/producer. He did not only remix Depesche Mode, Ellie Goulding and Bloc Party tracks, but also showed his talent being Adam Freeland’s producer. His last Budapest gig didn’t lack catarthic moments and guess what, he is not coming alone this time. He brings along his French colleague, Yuksek who, as well as being one of the most popular members of the French electronic scene, has just founded his own recording label.



         May 31. Saturday, 00:30

The British electro duo has been recieving more and more attention in the UK lately, and since they were only formed in 2011, their best is yet to come. So be part of the rise and visit their first show in Hungary.

Jonas Rahtsman


          May 31. Saturday, 02:00

Swedish dj/producer. Has been only producing under his real name for three years but has been on the scene since his late-teens. Listen to this 34-years-old daddy’s rather promising gig right after Waze&Odissey!

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