Step out of Your Comfort Zone

„Success/life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Your comfort zone is a virtual border you set for yourself by your everyday schedule and routine. Every single day when you don’t defeat yourself, you stay within this zone. Of course it is comfortable (the way its name suggests), but this way you deprive yourself of unimaginably many things.

You can step out of it in two ways. Both ways aim to find your borders. If you try, you’ll be surprised, how huge your never used virtual territory is. Breaking out of the comfort zone is in every sense an improving of yourself. You’ll be more open and productive. At best you’ll like it and you’ll want to challenge yourself at all fields of life.

And what does it mean in practice?

What you can do today, don’t leave for tomorrow, and what you can do, don’t miss. must be familiar with the situation:

School’s over, you head for home and turn on the TV. There’s nothing good on. You look for some food – the TV is still on. You turn on your laptop, too, or you connect to the home wifi with your cellphone. You check Facebook, only for ten minutes… And watching at the clock you are appalled to see that four hours have passed. You have a shitload of homework for today, but after a quick mental scrutiny you filter 80% of them, having concluded unimportant. You slubber the rest to save time for something more meaningful. Say, the new episode of your series of – in a luckier case – one of the two of your weekly spinning classes.

Let’s admit it. We all do it from time to time. However, if it becomes habitual, you waste much valuable time, which you could spend with discovering things and people with which and whom you could have more fun. management is not quite the art authors of B class self-help books like to make it seem. The equation is an easy one. There is you, your time, your to-dos and the motivation. The right hand side is the result. If they are not equal, one term is missing. Which is motivation most of the time. Since “I don’t wanna fail this subject” and “I’m beyond the deadline by 2 weeks again” are not motivating enough for some people, you have to find what is for you.

It is a good idea to reward yourself for each successfully accomplished task. You can make it a habit, so that you’ll look forward to it next time, and you’ll be more enthusiastic about getting down to business. For instance, go for a walk after each finished essay, or buy an ice cream after each chapter learnt. (The 10 minute learning followed by a 10 minute chat session leads to no good in most cases, because fat chance you’ll stick there.) Find the method that makes you complete your tasks super fast. If the table is boring, try new places. Go to the library, a park, a café. Study with your sis or friend. Talk over your presentation once more over the phone or skype. Working can be really entertaining.

After so much improvement in the field of your duties, you might want to do something about your free time too. might sound absurd at first hearing, but to step out of your comfort zone in your private life, you’ll need much greater motivation than to do it in your job. When you have to do a task, you want to please others most of the time. Whereas with your free time, you are the boss, you can do everything the way you like.

Signs that show you’ve been a little overly-cozy lately:

  • You don’t go anywhere. Not even in the weekend.
  • Of course you meet your friends every day… at school.
  • The last time you met new people was when you moved/started school.
  • On hearing about an unusual hobby you call bullshit before even finding out what it is.
  • When invited to an event on Facebook, you don’t read the description. Let alone attending.
  • The list could go on for ever, but if you’re living in your comfort zone, you must have recognized yourself already.


Take up something new depending on your temper and the amount of free time you have. If you can undertake something regularly, you’d better choose something regular. Try a new sport, sign up for a dance class or a language course. Go with friends or alone. If you go alone, you have better chances to meet new people. From the many, there’ll surely be some with who you are on the same page.

New acquaintances provide you with many opportunities. You can meet their friends and places they go to. You can get together with someone or introduce a future couple to each other.

If at first sight it’s a “no, thanks”, start gradually. Assign one day of the week do doing something new. For example check out a tea house (of a pub) every weekend with a friend or your bf/gf. Visit places tourists love. Take photos and write a blog.

This is not fun to do alone. But if you come up with creative ideas, you’ll attract people from your friends.

And if still skeptic, watch Yesman. It’ll definitely make you laugh, and in spite of Jim Carry playing the leading role – it has a serious message.