Street style- Noel, 19

Although Noel is only 19 years old, he managed to build a life for himself which most of us can only dream of.  Thanks to his ambitious personality, Noel has travelled half of the world and he is still not done!  After finishing the Karinthy Frigyes Bilingual School in Budapest, Noel moved to Shanghai to continue his studies at the prestigious New York University. It requires a lot of commitment and work to achieve dreams like this, still Noel fails to be the typical boring nerdy guy, he is rather the exciting world-travelling type with whom it is easy to find the common ground.  Last but not least, he is conscious about his style which is admirable…you will see.

From the outfit chosen by Noel, we can clearly see that one of his favourite colours is blue. The colours and figures are in complete harmony and really this is the most important when you are choosing your outfit. In my humble opinion shirts generally make most men hotter so it is the perfect choice in most of the times. Especially with the sleeves rolled up! The creative print of the shirt makes it a little more outstanding, while still keeping it low-key. Pairing it with the shirt shows us that it is possible to pull off a shirt even in the hot summer days.

Noel diákstílus

Noel keeps an eye on the details as well, that’s why he could find the absolute perfect accessory for the outfit and for his personality. Isn’t this the bag which one would choose for a traveller? It is, indeed. Finding the perfect bag for your personality is really a crucial thing as you can see. It is also important to point out that both his watch and wristband goes well with the bag and the outfit which is one more score.

Noel stílus

It is really not a surprise that the shoes are blue as well since this is the colour which dominates the whole assemble. Vans is always a good choice, however for the summer I would recommend something lighter and some kind of a print, which can give a little twist to any outfit.

Noel diákstílus

What is the most important thing for you in your appearance?

It is not exactly appearance, but my scent is the one thing I always look out for. This not only includes my cologne, but also shampoo, deodorant and even toothpaste. And I feel that my outfit is uncomplete without cologne.

Regarding my outfit, the most important thing for me is the harmony of colours. My favourite colour is navy blue, as you can see, but I feel myself comfortable in other colours as well, depending on my mood. On a summer day I would rather wear yellow, but rainy days call for claret.

What are your future plans?

This year I had the opportunity to plan my own course at university and I chose autocracy and democracy. It focuses on the comparison of the society and economy developed under the two regimes. I am examining this question in relation with the USA and China, so I’ll spend the next two years in New York, Washington DC and Shanghai. During my stay in New York, I’d also like to see Cuba, which is the only communist country where I haven’t been before. After the three years, I would like to get a PhD in political studies. Eventually I would love to become a professor at a University.

What is the first thing that grabs your attention when you see someone for the first time?

I have to say, the scents again. After that, hairstyle and the face are the first things that grab my attention. I really like extravagant hairstyles and dyed hair. The outfit is probably the last thing I realize as in my opinion it doesn’t add much to a person’s personality.