6 tips to make your battery last longer

Probably most of you have come across with the problem of constantly dying phone and laptop batteries. Portable chargers might seem like a good solution, however they have to be charged quite often as well, and to be honest we are way too lazy for that as well. Summer is just around the corner and it is nice to work on your laptop outside, but if your battery dies in 10 minutes then your laptop has just lost its purpose, really and your outdoor work is ruined as well. If you can plug in your computer in the garden, no need to read further, otherwise here are some tips to make your battery last longer.

1. Feel Free to charge your phone all night

There are many who say that you have to take your phone off the charger once it is fully charged… don’t listen to them. New devices are advanced enough to realise when they do not require any more charging so they take a break until your device needs charging again. Technically it is much better for your device if you leave it on the charger than letting the battery to die and charge it afterwards.

battery life2. Take that battery out

The real danger for laptops is overheating. The best you can do in case to avoid the overheating and overuse of the battery is to take the battery out whenever you have the chance to keep your device plugged in.

3. Avoid overheating

This is not only true for laptops but for your phone as well. Try to avoid leaving your phone out in the sun or in the boiling car as it is one of the worst things you can do with your precious device. High voltage chargers and wireless chargers generate more heat as well then regular ones, therefore they are not recommended either if you are trying to avoid overheating. In case of laptops, I would advise to buy a laptop holder with built-in cooling system which can keep your device nice and cool all the time.

4. Charge a little whenever you have the chance

It is not advised to let lithium-ion batteries discharge as it can shorten their battery life, therefore charge a bit whenever you have the chance!

battery life5. Store your battery half –charged

When you take out the battery of your laptop, make sure it is at least half-charged, otherwise you can ruin it quite quickly. Storing your battery uncharged is not something you should do!

battery life6. Accept that everything ends

Don’t let your life revolve around your battery. Take a break sometimes from your phone, soon you are going to realise that your battery lasts way longer that way. Don’t stress out if your phone is dying all the time, accept the fact that the end has become and you might need a replace. If you have done everything to make it live longer then there is nothing more you can do, just acceptance that is left.folyton lemerülő akkumluátort