• Street style- Noel, 19

  • Sushi recipe for students

  • Step out of Your Comfort Zone

6 tips to make your battery last longer

Probably most of you have come across with the problem of constantly dying phone and laptop batteries. Portable chargers might seem like a good solution, however they have to be charged quite often as well, and to be honest we are way too lazy for that as well. Summer is just around the corner and […]

Street style- Noel, 19

Although Noel is only 19 years old, he managed to build a life for himself which most of us can only dream of.  Thanks to his ambitious personality, Noel has travelled half of the world and he is still not done!  After finishing the Karinthy Frigyes Bilingual School in Budapest, Noel moved to Shanghai to […]

Sushi recipe for students

It was not long ago that I tried sushi for the first time, here in England with my friends. We thought that we can try making sushi at home too. My advice is that the beginners should work together, for example, I think I couldn’t make this delicacy alone yet. Anyway it is much more […]

Healthy Snacks – Delicacies with blueberry

Do you remember our series about snacks? Here is our new seasonal favourite: blueberry. Since it is one of the most popular fruits of summer, you can attain these midnight blue vitamin bombs for discount price in the nearest market. Let’s see now some easy recipes with this tasteful fruit. Gluten-free pancakes Who does not […]

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

„Success/life begins at the end of your comfort zone” Your comfort zone is a virtual border you set for yourself by your everyday schedule and routine. Every single day when you don’t defeat yourself, you stay within this zone. Of course it is comfortable (the way its name suggests), but this way you deprive yourself […]